Reuniting for a special online concert celebrating Life!

🎉 Sunday 15th November! 🎉


We're giving you first access to pre-sale tickets on Monday November 2nd at 8AM.

These times have shown me that you truly must cherish every moment we have, and that it’s truly a blessing to still be here. So I’ve decided...I’M GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER! NOVEMBER 15th I’m celebrating another year around the SUN with a WORLDWIDE "GIVE THANKS" BAND REUNION Concert!... It will be our first show together post lockdown, so we’re really excited about playing together again and reigniting the party vibes with all you family and friends, far and near in these difficult times.


I think we can all admit, most of this year sucked lol! I’m a live entertainer by nature—and while I love songwriting/recording and creating videos for you; I was GROOMED on the LIVE SHOW circuit lol. The energy from the live band onstage, combined with the energy from all you fam in the audience, being able to engage directly with you, well it can be a transcending…Xperience lol


Our shared bond of music and how it connects us all is simply why we want to GIVE THANKS, the best way we know how….through live music! I hope that you join us for this INTERNATIONAL JAM lol!