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I've got my first acting role in a FEATURE LENGTH FILM, and I composed the MOVIE SCORE!

I've got to start this post by saying GOD is AMAZING!!! Last year my team and I spoke of diversifying our production portfolio and taking it to film. So when I was offered an acting role last year in a feature film, I figured I'd talk the producers into letting me SCORE the movie. As you could imagine getting the "YES" was super exciting, (I GUESS YOU HAVE NOT, BECAUSE YOU ASK NOT. lol) and the experience that followed (pun intended lol) was definitely hard work, but a great learning process, and hopefully a door to BIGGER, BETTER, GREATER opportunities to come. My involvement in the film, marks 3 tremendous steps forward in my career; 1) My film debut as an actor 2) my introduction to the world of film as a composer. 3) Releasing my first OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for an original song "No Other Love" a song the producers choose to feature in the movie!


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