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Christmas With The Ward's 2023

Celebrating Family, Food, and Funk This Festive Season!

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Get to Know The Ward's -"All Strings Attached"

FEATURING: The illustrious father-son trio — International Jazz Violinist Michael Ward, Contemporary Violinist Shaun Ward, and the prodigious Cortes Ward. Plus, an array of special guest performances!


Dive into the 7th Annual Christmas with the Ward's Concert and immerse yourself in the musical majesty of the Ward family legacy, where the violin isn't just an instrument, but a cherished family heirloom. From Michael Ward, a Southern University Alumni who pioneered contemporary jazz violin in the south over three decades ago, to the Baton Rouge sensation Shaun Ward — whose electrifying performances at events like the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Baton Rouge’s Live After 5 have become the stuff of legends.


2023 has been a landmark year for Shaun. Not only has he taken his melodies to college campuses, Support Headlining slots for Major acts like FLO-RIDA, Corporate entities nationwide such as the NBPA and The International AKA Sorority,Inc., but he's also ventured into the world of film, scoring and producing tracks for Perry Productions Films' latest releases.


But wait, the melody doesn’t end there. Enter Cortes Ward, a 12-year-old dynamo with a passion for the violin that began when he was just a toddler. Having already graced stages at grand events like the Satchmo Summerfest, NOLA East Festival, and Sweet Lorraine’s Jazz Club alongside his father and brother, this young maestro is poised to be the next big thing!


Join us for an evening where music, family, and the warmth of the holiday spirit intertwine. Enjoy delectable Louisiana cuisine, mingle with family and friends, and let the melodic strains of the Ward ensemble transport you to a winter wonderland. It's not just a concert; it's a Ward family tradition.

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