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"you won't appreciate where you're going..until you know where you've been..."

Take The Xperience

a FREE 5-day live, interactive, album experience

The Xperience Begins in...


If you're reading this, then we've connected in some way in the past. 

Whether we met online, at a show, or at a late night fast food joint it's awesome to see you here! I hope you're ready to have some fun. 


I choose to stay independent as an artist because it allows me to take life as it comes. I can focus on having fun instead of fitting inside music industry filters. 


My new project, "Take The Xperience", is a FREE live, interactive, multi-platform experience that I personally send out to fans in a five-day process. The experience allows for a direct conversation between me and everyone listening about the songs I have recorded, and my lifelong  journey as a musician.


I'll also be sending out behind-the-scenes content on the process of making the project, why I'm choosing to put it out this way, and clips from various experiences along my journey.


This content is EXCLUSIVE to you. It will not be available in any other 

way than taking the journey through this platform!


I hope you guys respect and enjoy what I'm doing. I think it's going to be a wild ride! 


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